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6 Lazy Ways to Reduce your Weight Fast

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Today’s lifestyle has made most of the people attracted to the seat most of the time of the day.Most of the jobs are require us to be seated before working screen for hours thus resulting in less of a requirement of physical work.And then what does this leads to?Yes, you are right your tummy and that unwanted fat coming out of nowhere which is just helpful to put you out of shape.

So here some ways to reduce that unwanted stuff fast without the involvement of going to the gym or putting you in a merciless balanced diet.So let’s get started.

(1)Two cups water Theory

Either you are hungry or thirsty, drinking two cups of water helps you to stop from the intake of the large calories of food before a meal.A study in the research journal named “Physiology and Behaviour” showed that people inappropriately respond to thirst by over 60% of the time even by eating than drinking.Even if it’s not for thirst drinking two cups of water half an hour before meal can stop loads of calories intake.You can also use a little citrus in water if plain water does not suits you.

(2)Inviting Mr. Black Pepper after meals

After finishing a meal having  black pepper  in any form can help you to shed calories rapidly as a compound called piperine present in black pepper helps to stop the inflammation and interference of fat cells which in turn help in reduce the cholesterol levels Black pepper can be taken with herbs such as betel or with basil leaves.

(3)Mission Impossible: Grocery Shopping

Yes grocery shopping at Big Bazaar is a real challenge .Most people always end up buying unwanted items which responsible for your weight gain.Always make a list and avoid those items which don’t really required .Those buy 1 get 1 free  cookies , chocolates or maggi at 20  percent .stop buying that .Distract yourself by listening to music on your ipods , bring it with you to the store this will help to take those items which is on your shopping cart.

(4)Tune into SAB tv

Yes laughter is the best medicine and it will your medicine to reduce your weight .In the journal of Obesity to burn 40 to 170 calories it requires laughter fest of 10 minutes.Continue this 1 month you will be seeing yourself reduce two  pounds.Watch shows, web series or clips   that  makes you laugh .

(5)Changing the Evening Supper

Most people  crave for tea with hot samosas as an evening supper .this where my friend you have be cautious .Evening snacks like this will accelerate your weight gain .Replace the samosas with salads ,almonds ,fresh citrus juices as this will benefit you .Want something tastier try Jhal Muri ( spiced puffed rice ).

(6)Adopting Food Rituals

Changing your food type and timing can provide an drastic result on how you intake your calories.Go for mindful eating which is enjoying the food while food which satisfiesthe hunger of both stomach and the mind.It reduces overheating.

(7)80% Full Concept

There is a japaneses tradition to losing weight in which you just need to be fill your stomach upto 80 % which is a smart way to cheat weight gain .Overeating does no good so next time remember this.