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Few ultimate detox recipes to trigger weight loss

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Have you spent many hours in gym, to reduce that extra weight and not being able to do so. Then welcome to the community of Ultimate Detox. Almost half of the world’s population are suffering from the same condition. Sweating yourself and exhausting your body is not giving you the result you desire. This is because you are not coming up with correct method to do so. Some body types require a different kind if triggering factor to start that melt down, after that exercises do their work. One of those effective methods is detox water. Detox is not a very unknown method, it has gained popularity in very less time. There are various useful detox recipes that melt down fat globules in body. Here are given below few ultimate detox recipes to trigger weight loss:

  1. Slim down detox water:

It is made by using half gallon purified water, half of the lemon sliced, half lime sliced, one cup of sliced cucumber and half sliced grapefruit. Put all the ingredients in a single glass jar and let them be for some time. After that you can drink the water whole day. The mix of lime and lemon adds tartaric acid to water which is a good factor in breaking of fat globules. The grapefruit adds a good flavor.

    2. Mango ginger detox water:

Use a frozen or a fresh mango with peeled and sliced ginger in half gallon of water. Keep it for some time and then drink. The combined taste of ginger and mango will not only make your taste buds jump but will also help in boosting your metabolism. Mangoes also help in better digestion. This drink is not only helpful in weight loss but also healthy for your body. helpful in weight

    3.Basic cucumber water:

Just put washed and sliced cucumber pieces in water and drink it later. This is the most basic detox water recipe. Cucumber is a known coolant for body, it maybe internal body or our skin. Cucumbers are very healthy as it contains lots of vitamins, flavonoid, keeps breath fresh and helps in protection of our brain by fighting inflammation.

     4. Lemon berry detox water:

As healthy and tasteful it sounds, It’s taste is actually very good. Just keep half cup of blueberries, half cup of raspberries and one lemon sliced in half gallon of water and drink it later. The vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and both the berries give it a very nice taste and texture.

    5. Apple cider vinegar Detox soda:

Add six tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, 64 ounces of sparkling mineral water and juice of two lemons. Vinegar is known to detoxify body and lemon acts as fat burner. This is a healthy and major fat burning detox recipe. It has numerous health benefits as well. This taste will give you a pop in your mouth and tastes good. It will be like a soda pop but will be good for you.